Ultrasonic Cleaners are Perfect for Intricate Parts

The ultrasonic cleaning process offers safe and highly effective cleaning of almost any object, regardless of size or complexity. There is a great need for “precision” cleaning for many items in many industries, which makes ultrasonic cleaners the method of choice for safely removing contaminants from almost any part including those made from metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, and many other surfaces.

Because of the strong and effective cleaning that they deliver, even on the most delicate items, ultrasonic cleaners are extremely popular and often necessary for use in many different industries and on many different items. Ultrasonic cleaning devices are ideal for cleaning tools, parts and materials in the following industries.

Automotive remanufacturing

The automotive industry utilizes ultrasonic cleaning methods in many facets of the industry including manufacturing, production, assembly and automotive repair. An ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly remove carbon deposits, grease, and other types of dirt and contaminants from carburetors, exhaust manifolds, cylinder blocks, motorcycle engines, and more. It can also be used on smaller parts such as plugs, screws, bolts and fixtures. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be used in the marine industry on inboard and outboard motors because the cleaning process is both thorough and gentle on aluminum parts, which reduces the risk of future corrosion.

Sanitizing healthcare equipment

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in the healthcare industry to clean tools, equipment and other medical materials that must be sanitized. Many types of medical products, tools and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to the highest safety standards. Because of strict cleaning standards and a high rate of contamination and infection, ultrasonic cleaning has become top priority in most health care settings.

Cleaning and restoring jewelry

An ultrasonic cleaner is the ideal method for cleaning and restoring delicate items like watches and fine jewelry. Day-to-day dirt and grime, dust, oily residues and even jewelers rouge (a compound used for cleaning and buffing jewelry) can be removed from the tiny crevices and hidden channels of even the finest jewelry. An ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for use on jewelry because:

  • The gentle cleaning process will not damage delicate pieces and allows for cleaning as often as necessary
  • It effectively cleans parts of the jewelry that are extremely difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods
  • There is no need to disassemble the jewelry
  • Multiple pieces of jewelry can be cleaned at one time, saving time and money
  • Jewelry comes out completely clean, shiny and looking brand new

An ultrasonic cleaner is essential, especially when you have small or intricate parts that need to be rigorously cleaned. It is also extremely effective for equipment that can be easily damaged or become rusty. The cleaning process used ensures an efficient, deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals that could ultimately affect the condition of the object. In addition to the industries mentioned above, the ultrasonic cleaner is effective on industrial equipment and many types of commercial tools and materials.