2 07, 2020

Advances in Filtration

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By Gerald Ondrey | July 1, 2020 Used for everything from purifying a liquid product, or recovering a solid product from a gas or liquid solvent, to environmental applications such as air-pollution control and wastewater treatment, filtration is arguably one of the most widely used unit operations in the chemical process industries (CPI). As a result, no single filtration technology dominates the CPI. Instead, a wide variety of application-specific methods are constantly being developed and improved upon to handle a smaller class of filtration issues. Recent developments are [...]

30 05, 2020

Custom Engineered Wet Blast Systems for Emerging Applications

2020-07-02T14:22:19+00:00May 30th, 2020|Cleaning, Finishing, Uncategorized|

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, whether you call it Industry 4.0, or Manufacturing 4.0, is opening doors to higher productivity, smarter workflows, and safer work environments. As we integrate advanced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and smart energy, why not reinvent the ways in which we approach surface finishing? Wet blast systems have proven to outperform conventional manual, chemical and dry blasting processes, with the ability to combine steps, speed production and eliminate airborne dust and hazardous chemicals. And, [...]

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