Achieve Cleaner Parts with the Correct Equipment and Chemistry / Soaps for Your Application.

We bring together the best engineers and the best technology to solve your specific cleaning problem. We recommend the correct equipment and cleaning chemistry for that application. We have immersion washers, spray washers, ultrasonic washers and vapor degreasers. We also offer wet blast equipment and media.

Rotation, particulate filtration, coolant cleaning, oil removal, degreasing, rust prevention, paint removal, phosphate coating, scale removal, wire cleaning and high volume liquid sparging are all in our wheelhouse. We’ll show you the most effective ways to access difficult interior areas of parts. We provide durable, turn-key solutions to meet your cleanliness needs.

New applications are created every day as newer technologies like Additive Manufacturing mature. Surface Matics continues to innovate with you as new materials and processes emerge.

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Applications include extensive cleaning, degreasing, descaling, removal of paint, coatings, chemicals and oxidation.

Customized system designs and compact equipment footprints enable you to integrate this time- and money-saving process right onto your production floor. No matter how heavy-duty or detailed the job, a liquid abrasive or pressurized water surface processing and cleaning system from Wet Technologies has the capability, flexibility and versatility to deliver.

Manual, automated and robotic systems offer versatility and repeatability.

Wet Blasting is also an extremely effective finishing process.


Liquid and powder products for use in aqueous parts cleaning of oil- and water-soluble oils and greases, removal of metal fines and general surface cleaning in preparation for electroplating, painting, coating preparations, etc.

Products to clean a variety of metal types including aluminum, brass, copper, carbon and stainless steel and electroplated metal substrates along with other hi-tech alloys. Use in barrel tumbling, soak tank, ultrasonic, spray wash equipment (conventional and high pressure) and specialized equipment.

Replace conventional solvent degreasing operations with equipment specific solutions.

Other products designed for use in mass finishing wet processes such as vibratory, centrifugal disc and barrel , open/closed tumbling

We also have developed Corrosion Inhibitors, Passivation Chemistry, Etching Compounds and Paint Strippers.

We can customize a product to your specific application and budget.


Applications include cleaning jet engine components, automotive manufacturing, phosphate coating, industrial applications, cleaning in pharmaceutical plants, repair/maintenance operations.


Standard and custom systems are produced for parts cleaning, degreasing, phosphate coating, and metal treatment using both aqueous and safety solvent systems. These are effective for parts ranging from small intricate precision items to very large heavy machine parts.


Ultrasonic cleaning is the rapid and complete removal of contaminants by immersing objects in a tank of liquid, flooded with ultra-high frequency sound waves. We manufacture tabletop, generator/tank, benchtop, anilox, inline wire cleaning units, and many other configurations.

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Work

Industries Served — Any Company That Makes a Part!

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Coins and Precious Metals

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