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We provide a wide variety of the highest quality filtration products with the best delivery times available. We extend the fairest pricing through continuous collaborations with our suppliers. We constantly add new products and equipment to our inventory to meet your changing needs.

With a wide customer base ranging from small manufacturers to large international OEMs, any size business or industry is a priority for us. We proudly support the products we sell, and we’re here to help you improve efficiency and profitability today and tomorrow.

We Are Your Chemical Process Filtration Experts.

We’ll help you optimize your filtration process to keep your chemical plant running at maximum efficiency and safety.
Our end-to-end analysis starts with pre-filtration and follows through each stage of production. We’ll maximize filter life with the right configuration, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary steps. Where smaller particles may cause haze or cloudiness, we can help you acheive complete clarification of the final product.

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Anode Bags are for plating baths. Available in 12 oz. Cotton Duck, 7.5 oz. Cotton Sateen, 210 Denier Nylon, 9 oz. Polypropylene or 13 oz. Polynap Medias.

High Capacity Bag Filters are for high dirt holding and high flow. Up to four times longer operating life.

High Efficiency Bag Filters of Microfiber Polyester or Polypropylene provide high performance at low micron ratings, 1 to 50.

High Performance Bag Filters absorb trace oils in process fluids with 40 to 56 square feet of Polypropylene Microfiber. Capacities are 15 to 25 times the filters’ own weight.

High Temperature Bag Filters up to 425°F.

High Viscosity Bag Filters retain gel-like particles. Standard or Pleated.

High Capacity Oil Absorbent Bag Filters retain oil and increase efficiency to 95% or greater on micron ratings from 1 to 50. Over 30 square feet of media retain 10.7+ pounds of oils.

Pleated Depth Bags combine the advantages of a Bag Filter and a Cartridge Filter to provide high dirt holding capacity and longer filter life.

Standard Felt Bag Filters meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520.

Standard Mesh Bag Filters are non-fiber releasing and offer high flow and low pressure drops. Micron ratings from 1 to 1500.


Carbon Cartridges are used to reduce the taste, odors, VOC’s and metals from potable drinking water, Electropolishing Solutions, and Wastewater Treatment.

Depth Loading Cartridges capture particulates in various layers of the Cartridge Filter. These filters have the ability to hold a large amount of solids before changing.

Membrane Cartridge Filters trap contaminants. Higher retention efficiencies can also be achieved with these filters.

Titanium and Pleated Cylindrical Cartridges are for aggressive chemicals, extreme temperature fluids, gas applications, or where repeated cycles are used.

Membrane systems

The Ceramic Crossflow Membrane is an advanced technology that utilizes a high velocity movement along ceramic membranes that is ideal for tough applications such as multiple microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This membrane aids in oil removal from wastewater streams, reclaiming solvents and chemicals, beverage clarification, lacquers, and wash solutions.

The Model UFV-200T Membrane separates the water and dissolved chemicals from suspended solids and emulsified oils, without chemical additives. Polymeric Membranes process the high solids waste.

The UFV-250-1500TV Membrane utilizes tubular membranes in ultriltration membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils. This unit is ideal for use in recycling/disposal of oily wastewater from aqueous parts washers, floor mopping, waste coolants or tumbling and burnishing.

Filtration System

Bag Filter vessels

Available in Single and Multi Round Configurations, Metal or Plastic Construction.

• Bulk Loading Vessels
• Duplex Vessels
• Multi Round Vessels
• Single Metal Vessels
• Single Plastic Vessel

Cartridge Filter vessels

Available in Single and Multi Round Configurations, Metal or Plastic Construction. These housings can accommodate cartridges from 10” to 40”.

• Multi Round Metal Vessels
• Single Metal Vessels
• Multi Round Plastic Vessels
• Single Plastic Vessels

High Flow Cartridge vessels

High Flow Cartridge Vessels can hold from 1 to 19 High Flow Cartridge Filters. A housing is constructed in either 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, or Rubber Lined Steel. Changeout easily with Eyebolt and Davit Arm Assist.

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Air Intake Filters such as Silencers and Cylindrical Cartridges protect turbine intakes, reciprocating and process equipment.

Coolant Mist Collectors collect smoke, oil, coolant mist, etc. from industrial applications.

Dust Motor Covers are ideal for high dust volume. Polyester with an elastic band blocks particles and contaminants.

Gas Turbine Intake Filters prevent outdoor elements like dust, pollen, sand, and salt from reaching internals.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters and Cleanroom Filters are rated 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency per U.S. Department of Energy standards. They remove dust, mold spores, pollen, dander, and more from the air.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Filters like Pleated Air Filters, Panel Filters, Box Filters, etc. maintain indoor air quality.

Paint Filters filter paint particles from the air.


Dust Collector Bag Filters can be used in a variety of applications including humidity, moisture, chemical content, and large temperature ranges. Efficiencies from 8 to 22 oz.

Dust Collector Cage filters open and provide support for the fabric. They are available in top load and bottom load configurations with welded or crimped caps.

Dust Collector Cartridges fit into existing dust collector units, and they have superior loading capacity.

Pleated Dust Bags fit both top and bottom loading dust collector units. Spun-bond polyester medias with high surface loading characteristics help boost efficiency, reduce emissions and lengthen the filter service life.

Oil / Hydraulic Filters & Vessels

Oil Hydraulic Housings are available in single cartridge and multi round cartridges as well as in a portable configurations. They remove particulates from oils and industrial fluids.

• Multi Round Cartridges
• Portable Cartridge Filters
• Single Round Cartridges

Oil Hydraulic Cartridge and Spin-On Elements are available for any type of oil/hydraulic application and can be configured in microglass, synthetic, coalescing, and cellulose medias.

• Cellulose Elements
• Coalescing Elements
• High Pressure Hydraulic Elements
• Microglass Elements
• Spin On Elements
• Synthetic Elements

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Beer & Wine
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Groundwater & Remediation
High Purity Water

Metal Finishing
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Paints, Coatings & Inks
Power Generation

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