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Surface Matics has the solution for all of your deburring, edge breaking or polishing needs. With our extensive knowledge base, we can recommend the right equipment, media and finishing soaps to meet your production requirements.

We recreate your production environment in our labs to find exactly the right combination of media, soaps, and handling for the ideal finish, lowest cycle times and quickest ROI. We evaluate and develop the most efficient and economical products, and we design the most effective process for resolving your challenges.

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Round Bowl Vibratory Finishers

Process machined parts, diecastings, stampings, laser cut parts, and others with high production and efficiency. The unload ramp and screen deck allow quick automatic removal of finished parts.

Rectangular Tub Finishers

Ideal for large, heavy parts, CTT tub finishers are capable of three-shift-a-day operation. Polish ceramic coated parts easily. Parts can be fixtured in the work chamber.

Centrifugal Disc and Barrel Finishers

High energy finishing machines accomplish a lot of work in a short time. Surface refinement and low microinch finishing are just two of the reasons we would recommend a Centrifugal Disc Finisher.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishers are more aggressive for material removal, quickly deburring and fine finishing larger, longer parts.

Screen Separators

Classifying media to size, parts media separation, parts flash separation, parts transferring, and parts rinsing are suitable applications for these machines. Specialized to meet your needs.

Metal Deburring Soaps

Efficient and economical products for vibratory, centrifugal disc finishing, and open/closed tumbling equipment using all types of deburring medias, including loose abrasive, plastic and ceramic tumbling medias as well as part-on-part finishing.

Metal Burnishing Soaps

Produce bright, clean and lustrous metal surfaces in open/closed tumbling, part-on-part, vibratory and centrifugal disc finishing processes; utilizing all types of burnishing medias, such as porcelain, polishing ceramic and carbon/stainless steel medias.

Pre-plate Finishing Soaps

Use with both polyester and urea-formaldehyde resin plastic media to produce clean, smooth surfaces with minimal foam generation and “sludge” buildup.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ensure the maximum protection of metal surfaces using safe and economical compounds.

Vibratory and Tumbling Media

Ceramic Media. Used for deburring and edge breaking, we have many sizes, shapes and formulations for immediate delivery. High density ceramic media is also available.

Plastic Media. We carry several formulations that offer different cutting, polishing, pre-plate finishing and deburring characteristics. Different sizes and shapes are available.

Steel Media. Carbon Steel Media and Stainless Steel Media are available for a variety of cleaning, burnishing or polishing, and light deburring applications.

Precision Tumbling Media. Precision Tumbling Media is available in many small sizes and shapes. Precision media is sized in millimeters. Polishing and cutting formulations along with the small size of the media allow processing of small parts.

Wet Blast Equipment

Wet blasting works as well removing machine oils and burrs from massive parts as it does etching aviation composites or adding precision textured finishes to delicate medical instruments. And because our wet-slurry liquid abrasive technology is completely closed-loop and self-filtering, wet blasting is sustainable.

Customized system designs and compact equipment footprints enable you to integrate this time- and money-saving process right onto your production floor. No matter how heavy-duty or detailed the job, a liquid abrasive or pressurized water surface processing and cleaning system from Wet Technologies has the capability, flexibility and versatility to deliver.

Wet blasting is also an extremely effective cleaning process.

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