Air Filtration You Can Trust
for Aerosol-Borne Viruses.

In response to airborne threats, Purafill engineered a safe patented, four-layer technology into the PuraShield Air Scrubber. They took 50 years of molecular filtration expertise and put it in a compact, portable unit designed for offices, lobbies, medical practices, nursing homes, universities, health clubs, spas, and more.

PuraShield removes up to 99.46% of aerosols carrying SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

No retrofit—it’s a standalone mobile unit—just plug in to a cleaner healthier space for your visitors and staff. Get peace of mind by working with the leaders in clean air.

PuraShield 99.995 percent Aerosol Reduction over 30 minutes
  • Quickly and effectively removes many aerosols carrying harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens and smoke from the air
  • Equipped with a filter layer protected by PuraWard® technology using copper and silver ions
  • Includes 22 pounds of Purafil’s patented* molecular filtration media
  • HEPA filtration for harmful particulate matter
  • Compact and mobile design on casters
  • 360-degree air circulation and purification
  • Also removes toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants

* Patent number US 9,370,763 B2

Rigorous testing has proven this technology removes 99.995% of aerosols carrying viruses. This is not a simple fan and “air filter” like some companies are selling at bargain prices; we are filtration experts committed to helping you do everything you can to protect visitors and staff.
Cutaway view of PuraShield Air Purifier with 4 layers of protection

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