Vibratory and Tumbler Finishing Equipment

Surface Matics has the solution for all of your deburring, edge breaking or polishing needs. With our extensive knowledge base, we can recommend the right equipment, media and compound to meet your production requirements.

Royson mass finishing equipment is designed and built to run in full time operation. Royson machines are backed by the Royson machine warranty, and over 60 years of building and servicing machinery.

Round Bowl Vibratory Finishers

Round Bowl Finishers are well-suited for processing a variety of parts with high production and efficiency. The unload ramp and screen deck on these machines allow quick and automatic removal of parts from the work bowl at the end of the process cycle.

Machined parts, diecastings, stampings, and laser-cut parts are just a few of the different types of parts that these machines can process.

Rectangular Tub Finishers

CTT Tub Finishers are heavy duty machines capable of three-shift-a-day operation. Polishing of ceramic coated headers and exhaust pipes is easily accomplished in these machines. Large, heavy parts can be processed. Parts can be fixtured in the work chamber for certain applications. Removable tub dividers compartmentalize the work chamber.

Disc Finishers

Centrifugal Disc Finishers are high-energy finishing machines that can accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time. Surface refinement and low microinch finishing are just two of the reasons why a CDF finisher could be recommended. Royson CDF finishers can be automated to reduce material handling and increase the amount of parts processed in a day.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishers

Centrifugal Barrel Finishers are a high energy finishing machine that can accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time. These machines are the most aggressive material removal machines offered by Royson. These units can quickly provide deburring and fine finishes on parts, and work well with larger or longer parts.

Screen Separators

Screen Separators are a classifying machine that can be used for many different applications. Media classifying to size, parts media separation, parts flash separation, parts transferring and parts rinsing are some of the applications for these machines. Specialized features can be built into your system to meet your application needs.

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